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Medical-Based Programs

We don’t promise miracle cures or impossible overnight results. All of our programs are based in science and involve medically-supervised diet and exercise regimens that encourage a healthy lifestyle rather than simple solutions.*

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Committed to Your Success

All of our weight loss programs include a weekly check-in with our nutritionist to track your weight, body composition, and overall health as you move through your weight loss plan.*

CPT 7 Nutrition Specialist Kym Garbatini in CT

CPT & Nutritionist

With over 27 years of professional experience in nutrition, weight management, fitness, and overall wellness, Founder Kym Garbatini has helped women, men, and teens achieve and maintain long-term weight loss success and individual health goals.*

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There is no "one size fits all" diet. Our medical weight loss solutions are built for you as an individual, by physicians and trained weight loss specialists to help ensure lifelong success.* We are committed to understanding your individual goals and and working with you toward them.

Our programs include weekly one-on-one visits with our nutritionist to track your weight, body composition, and overall health as you progress through your weight loss plan. We will also instruct you on nutrition and fitness habits that have the potential to unlock a healthy lifestyle for years to come.* We are located in Wallingford and Branford, serving all surrounding areas including North Haven & New Haven.

What you can expect from a medical supervised weight loss program

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Medical Weight Loss Solutions' diet programs are customized for you and divided into four phases: an initial medical exam, 6-12 weeks of a diet, and a transition period into the final maintenance phase in which you'll build habits to help keep the weight off.*

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