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Walden Farms LogoFounded in 1972, Walden Farms produces many foods that have no calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, no gluten, and no sugars—even pancake syrup. They’re able to accomplish this by using fresh seasonings and concentrated natural flavors.

Eating salad is a great way to infuse your diet with nutritious vegetables. However, if that salad is topped with rich dressing or sweet dressing, that can give a side salad the weight of a meal in calories. Walden Farms salad dressings are calorie free, which means your salad can stay low-cal. We carry a variety of flavors, including Chipotle Ranch, Sesame Ginger, and Ranch.

Pasta makes a great side dish. With so many shapes, it can add variety to a plate, and with so many options for sauces, pasta is versatile. Often, pre-made sauces are packed with calories, and if they’re creamy, fat. Walden Farms products, on the other hand, are calorie- and fat-free. We carry a delicious selection, from Garlic and Herb Sauce—made with minced garlic, chopped onion, and fresh herbs and spices, such as oregano and parsley—to Tomato Basil Sauce. Sun-ripened tomatoes, crushed and combined with minced garlic and an array of fresh herbs—rosemary, parsley, and basil, this sauce is a flavorful addition to any pasta dish.

Vegan, dairy-free coffee creamers, an array of barbecue sauces (including Honey BBQ and Thick n’ Spicy BBQ), sugar-free pancake syrup with concentrated maple flavor, and Walden Farms’ own Amazin’ Mayo—made with lemon juice and cider vinegar—round out our selection of Walden Farms foods. We’re devoted to providing you with a vast selection of food products to help you enjoy a delicious and nutritious diet, and we’re proud to partner with Walden Farms to bring you condiments, dressings, and sauces to excite your taste buds without exceeding your daily calories.

If you have any questions about our line of Walden Farms foods, please call us at (203) 269-8000.


Walden Farms Products


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Walden Farms
Chipotle Ranch
Walden Farms Garlic
and Herb Pasta Sauce
Walden Farms
Hazelnut Cream
Walden Farms
Honey BBQ Sauce
Walden Farms


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Walden Farms Tomato
Basil Pasta Sauce
Walden Farms Thick
N' Spicy BBQ Sauce
Walden Farms
Sesame Ginger
Walden Farms
Walden Farms
Pancake Syrup