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January Weight Loss Testimonials                     Weight Loss Testimonials


"I was going through my phone last night looking for something and I came across a picture of myself at my heaviest weight, right before I started the program. Thinking back to how I felt compared to how I feel now, I have no words to describe how thankful I am to you for coaching me and keeping me focused. You have provided me with multiple solutions to keeping myself on track that I still use to this day. My confidence is back, I'm not wearing a shrug over my shirt to hide my body, I haven't had heartburn in months, my back pains are going away, and a couple weeks ago I was able to start buying my clothes in smaller sizes. It's the most motivating feeling in the world.

I started this program shortly after having a miscarriage which was a huge wake up call that showed me I need to get control over my life. My goal was to lose between 50-60 pounds, feel better about myself, and make a true life change that would stick. It felt like an impossible goal to attain, but with the amazing environment you have created, the positive attitude of your staff, and the support you have given to me, I am just a few pounds shy of my goal! I never thought that I would achieve this without having to starve myself in the process. The research you do really shows in the products you sell. For the entire time I have been on this program I have never been bored with the taste of anything! I was amazed at how full and satisfied I felt. I cannot brag about your program enough. I am ecstatic that you are able to expand your store and bring in even more options for people. You have gained a lifelong customer.

Forever Grateful,

Jen M."*



"Medical Weight Loss Solutions is the best thing to ever come into my life! For me it was a blessing; this program has saved my life. I feel better and I have such a desire to start going out again. My husband is always telling me how great I look! I am so much happier. The program has taught me to make better choices and to be aware of the ones I make. This is something I could never do before without Kym. She is the reason I will never EVER put that weight back on!

Thank you Kym,

Iris J."*