Getting Started

Getting Started With A Medical Weight Loss Program in CT

With Medical Weight Loss Solutions, taking the first step to a healthier you is simple - just call us to book your free consultation appointment. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals, walk you through our weight loss programs and explain your specific personal medical weight loss program in detail. You will learn about our protocols and the commitment involved prior to the initial medical evaluation.

To get started, you will be given a lab slip for initial tests to determine your current health and ensure your safety throughout the program. You will also receive your weight loss portfolio which will accompany you throughout your weight loss journey. Finally, a future appointment will be set to begin your weight loss management.*

Taking the step to begin your path to a healthier lifestyle is an important one and we’re excited to help you on your way to life changing medical weight loss results. We are proud to offer customized support and medical expertise in a positive weight loss environment to help you make healthy choices for long-term success. Often, the most difficult part of making lifestyle changes is taking the first step to getting started, but we’re here to give you the tools you need and support you deserve on your way toward your health and wellness goals.*



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