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Kym Garbatini

Founder Kym Garbatini is a nutritional specialist, certified personal trainer, and nutrition health coach. Her compassion is surpassed only by her enthusiasm to help individuals overcome the social, medical, and fundamentally challenging aspects of food addiction and obesity. With over 27 years of professional experience in nutrition, weight management, and overall wellness, Kym recognized the need for personalized, medically supervised weight loss programs that provide their members with the tools and support to ensure continued success.

Kym has been helping people improve their health and wellness goals since 1984. Some highlights of her vast and positive impact on the health and fitness industry include the following.

  • 1984: Kym began her health and fitness career focusing on cardiovascular and strength training for adults.
  • 1991: Kym began teaching teen fitness and nutrition via programs offered by the Hamden, Wallingford, and Cheshire departments of Parks & Recreation.
  • 1994: Kym served as a Nutrition Specialist for the Midstate Medical Center’s Achieving Wellness Program, where she implemented their Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, focusing on rehabilitating heart attack survivors through proper nutrition, medically-supervised weight loss, and cardiovascular health.
  • 1998: Kym worked with the elderly at Masonic, designing and teaching cardio fitness programs for residents.

Kym has over seven years’ experience with Weight Medica in North Haven, Connecticut, where she directed the weight loss center and staff. She also evaluated and consulted with each client on a weekly basis to design and implement customized weight maintenance and fitness programs. Throughout the years, Kym directed many classes in Weight Loss, Cardiac Health, and Nutrition.

Kym has helped countless women, men, and teens achieve and successfully maintain long-term health and weight loss goals. She understands the frustration of yoyo dieting, daily temptation, and weight gain—and is passionately committed to guiding you to a healthy weight with comprehensive weight loss programs.*

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