Summer Slim Down Tips

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Summer Slim Down Tips

May 29, 2019 at 9:15 AM

This time of year is usually bittersweet for most people. A time where warmer, nicer weather is upon us, but we might not be in the beach body shape we ha

Female is in planking position on beach

d hoped for the summer season. Fear not! It is not too late to shed the extra pounds, and transform your body. Check out our summer health tips below for to get yourself in the shape you want!

Talk With a Health Expert

Join the Med Weight Loss Solutions family and sign up to work with our experts.  Whether you have 50 pounds to lose or 10 pounds, we have a program that will fit your needs. We have nutrition experts on our floor that will be able to facilitate weight loss for our customers and guide them to the products best suited for them and their needs. Visit our products page to view some of the products that we have available. There is a wide variety of brands and products that are sure to satisfy everyone.

Drink Water

We know we may seem like a broken record, but drinking water is so important! Keeping your body hydrated will help with your energy levels, mood & metabolism. Not so keen on plain water? Enhance your next glass of water by adding a cucumber or lemon. Another tip is to drink your w

ater ice cold as 

this will force your body to use more energy to maintain your body’s core temperature.

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a health conscious diet seems like an obvious step when trying to lose extra weight. There are three rules of thumb to adhere to:

  1. Eat more veggies (load your plate!)
  2. No processed food
  3. Limit sugar

Also, since you will be spending more time outside, you can incorporate grilling your Female is exercising in gym with male trainer watchingmeals to enhance your meal plans! Check out our ‘Healthy Grilling’ blog here to get tips and tricks on combining our favorite grilled foods but sticking to a healthy diet! If you stick to this mentality, you will be sure to begin to the results you were shooting for!

Reduce Alcohol Intake 

Try not to drink alcohol, if possible, as alcoholic drinks contain empty calories and many have loads of hidden sugar. If you are drinking, make sure to drink water after each drink to avoid getting dehydrated.


Be active!  We suggest trying to be active for at least 30 minutes a day to get your heart rate up. As the warmer weather is upon us, it is easier to get outside.  By taking a 30 minute walk every morning or night, this will help with your weight loss journey.  Strength training is another great to help maximize your weight loss results too! Find a class near you or come in to our office to speak with our personal trainers!

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