4 Tips on How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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4 Tips on How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

October 25, 2018 at 1:43 PM

It is that time of year filled with festive cheer and delicious foods! The parties can begin to line up and it is hard to keep your health in line during the next coming weeks. Most of us tend to put on some extra weight during this time if we are not careful with the decisions we are making.

We put together a list of healthy holiday tips to aid you in making the best choices possible!

Increase Exercise

As we know, the more calories we take in, the more activity we should be doing to balance it out. If you know that you will be eating higher calorie food the following week, increase your exercise the week prior. This will help to balance out the additional calories that you will be eating and drinking at the upcoming holiday parties.

Turkey Dinner

Being active is so very important to keep in mind and overall a great tip for staying healthy. Taking  the focus off of the food and taking a family walk is a great  way to burn some calories and get a little extra quality time  with loved ones.

Pick & Choose

Keep your food choices to a minimum when filling up your  plate.  Try to pick 3 items that are most important to you      and stick to those.  Remember, you do not have to eat  everything that is offered at the    holiday parties.  Being  selective will help ensure you are not adding hundreds,  sometimes thousands, of extra calories to your meal.

When picking the items most important to you, a tip to choosing would be to pick items that are not normal, daily  items.  For instance,   if you only get that delicious, homemade stuffing at Thanksgiving      then this is the time to indulge.  You want to be judicious with the food you are picking, but also make your heart (and stomach) happy!

Prep Yourself

You don’t have to throw your healthy lifestyle completely off course during this time of year! Allow yourself to indulge in a smart way and make sure that you are continuing to practice your healthy lifestyle habits in tandem. When getting ready for a party, you can bring a healthy side dish like roasted asparagus or mashed cauliflower.

Another way to prepare yourself is to not go out on an empty stomach. Eating something before partaking in the festive activities will help yourself making smarter decisions when faced with a buffet full of indulgent foods. This added effort is one way to encourage healthy holiday eating in the coming weeks.

Careful with Hidden Calories Eggnog Drink with Candy Canes

Most people are unaware of how many calories are added to your meal by adding eggnog or an alcoholic beverage. Did you know that a glass of nog can add 500 calories to your meal? Alcoholic beverages can also add about 150-250 additional calories.

A safe, an obvious choice would be to drink a glass of water with your meal. Not only will that help save you from extra calories, but also help to fill you up faster! To learn more about drinking alcohol and how it can effect your diet, check out our article found here.


If you put these easy, 4 steps into practice, you will be able to have a happy & healthy holiday season. Making sure to stay active and hydrated will also help you make the right decision when there is so much tempation around. If you are interested in reading more about having yourself a healthy holiday, please follow the links below to last year’s blog series that is filled with other great information.





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