Why Keeping a Food Diary Is Crucial for Weight Loss Success in CT

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Why Keeping a Food Diary Is Crucial for Weight Loss Success in CT

March 30, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Medical weight loss is a journey of discovering yourself and your body in a whole new way. Throughout your time with us, you will learn habits that can give you weight loss success for the rest of your life. But first, you need to know how the food you consume interacts with your body. That’s where a food diary comes into play.

At Medical Weight Loss Solutions in Connecticut, we are huge advocates of keeping a food diary. Not only because it can provide you with invaluable information, but because it has been shown that people who keep a food diary usually lose between 30 and 50 percent more weight than people who don’t. So what makes a food diary such a valuable asset to your CT weight loss program? Let’s take a look:

Create New Habits

If you eat without tracking anything, you may not realize what you are consuming or how frequently you are eating. You may have a rough idea, but oftentimes, the reality is much different. However, when you record your food intake, you have a clear visual of not only what you are eating, but how often you are eating. This can help you develop a new pattern of healthy eating that will promote weight loss success.

Stick to Your Weight Loss Program

When you have to write down every single item you put in your mouth, you are more likely to make smarter food choices. This is because the simple act of having to record what you are eating makes you more aware of the quality of the food you are about to consume. Additionally, a food diary can assist with weight loss success because it helps you track portion sizes, so you can eat the perfect amount to match your weight loss program.

Improve Your Health

While a food diary is an amazing tool for weight loss, it is just as valuable for your overall health. At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we want you to feel your best, and one way to do this is to discover how your body reacts to specific foods. When you write down what you eat, you can quickly make the correlation between which foods make you feel fantastic and which ones bring down your energy or cause inflammation within your body.

Throughout your entire transformation, our weight loss specialists and physicians will be at your side, helping to make sure you achieve weight loss success. And the first thing we will have you do is start a food diary. When we know what you are eating and when you are eating, and how it makes you feel, we can create the ideal Connecticut weight loss program for you. To learn more, contact us now.

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