Medical Weight Loss Solutions: Building a Healthy Grocery List

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Medical Weight Loss Solutions: Building a Healthy Grocery List

November 29, 2017 at 11:48 AM

Our custom weight loss programs are about giving you the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle long after your weight loss goals have been achieved. A key part of this is being able to grocery shop without ending up with a cart full of unhealthy food. The secret to leaving with only healthy food is to make a grocery list in advance and promise to only purchase items that are on that list. To help you out, here is a quick guide on creating a healthy grocery list that will perfectly complement the nutritional weight loss products that are part of your weight loss program:

Key Items to Include in Every Shopping Trip

First, you need your staples. These are the items that should be on your grocery list every week:

  • Egg Whites or Eggs – Eggs are an excellent way to get some protein, and they are extremely versatile. You can add some egg whites to an omelet packet for a healthy breakfast, or simply enjoy a hard-boiled egg for a snack.
  • Veggies – You will want to make sure to grab an assortment of your favorite veggies every week, such as spinach, squash, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. You can add them to your omelet, eat them as a side item with your dinner, or pair them with a healthy condiment as a snack.
  • Lean Protein – A serving of lean protein with veggies is the recommended dinner option when on our weight loss program. Stock up on several portions of lean protein to get you through the week. You can mix and match portions of chicken, ground turkey, pork, and white fish to make sure you have some variety.
  • Seltzer / Water – Drinking water throughout the day is one of the most overlooked secrets to weight loss success, and you can always spruce it up with some pink lemonade packets or the pineapple drink, so make sure you have plenty of water and/or flavored seltzer for the week.

The Best Snacks to Add to Your List

We have already mentioned having an abundance of vegetables on standby so that you can always have a healthy snack to grab. Celery, radishes, and even salad can all make a great snack. Some other options include low-carb jerky that is not too high in sodium, pickles, and kimchi.

Remember the Seasonings

Even though you will be eating a lot of lean protein, you can keep your meals interesting with various seasonings and flavorings. Make sure to add some of your favorite seasonings to your grocery list, but pay attention to how much sodium they have and look for low-sodium varieties. Other flavoring options include garlic, ginger, and healthy oils.

Items to Avoid Like the Plague 

As we mentioned, the hardest part of grocery shopping is not giving into the temptations lurking all around you. So stick to your list, and avoid anything with white flour, sugar, and high carbs like the plague. 

As a member of our weight loss programs, we are committed to your success both in the short term and for the rest of your life. By following these grocery list guidelines you are well on your way to reaching your weight loss goals. For additional help crafting a custom grocery list for your specific needs, contact us now.


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