4 Steps to Improve Your Family Fitness and Diet

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4 Steps to Improve Your Family Fitness and Diet

March 25, 2019 at 10:43 PM

Did you know that the beginning months of a new year is the best time to focus not only on your own personal fitness but also your family’s fitness?  It is!  And in honor of this, we wanted to take some time to give you some easy tips on how to engage your family in a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Now is the time when most people become re-dedicated to losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle.  Whether it is your New Year family involved in achieving a healthier lifestyle as well.  Becoming a healthy and active family does not have to be difficult.  We have put together 4 easy steps to help guide your journey.  If you implement these steps into your lifestyle, you are sure to begin to see those results you are desiring!r’s resolution or a fresh start, the beginning of the year is the time to do it.  Instead of making this lifestyle change by yourself, you can get you

Family Meal Planning

Two easy recipes for your family to try can be found here. Your family can be involved with the meal planning for the week.  Your kids can help pick out the menu, go shopping for the ingredients at the grocery store as well as help cook the meal.  Make this weight loss and health journey a family affair! Not only does this instill healthy eating habits, but also allows for extra quality time. 

Plan Family Activities

If you read our article about how to prepare for a healthy holiday season, planning an activity was one of our tips!  Going for a family walk or any activity to get you and your kids moving is the key.  If you are in the New England area, our winters are filled with snow typically.  Shoveling & playing in the snow is a great activity


 for people of all ages!  Sledding, snowball fights – what is more fun than that in the winter months!  When the snow melts and it is time to play outside, helping your little one ride a bike or play at the beach is a great
outdoor activity that all can take part in!

Mindful Eating

Many people are not aware of what mindful eating is or how you can incorporate in your life.  Being mindful
when you eat, it very important in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.  It is often said that we gain weight
and consume the most calories when we are mindlessly eating.  That is when we are eating and not aware of what we are eating.  This is when we tend to not realize when we are truly full and overeat.

 We found some great tips from Robard Corporation on how you can begin to training yourself to be a mindful eater:

1. Chew 25 times
2. Feed yourself with your non-dominant hand
3. Eat everything with chopsticks for a week
4. Put your food on a plate
5. Sit at a table

Talk to Your Kids

Communication with your kids is so very important in promoting a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Something that most people overlook and is crucial as your children grow up is promoting positive body image.  By continuously promoting a healthy and positive body image with your children, this will help them build confidence within themselves and not only affect their diet & lifestyle but in all aspects of their lives.

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