Tropical Cocktail Hour? Swap the Booze for These Sunny Drinks

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Tropical Cocktail Hour? Swap the Booze for These Sunny Drinks

June 30, 2017 at 9:00 AM

As summer comes to Connecticut, you might be thinking about medical weight loss diets to help yourself become more active and healthy. Unfortunately, summer weight loss in Connecticut is rather difficult with sodas, margaritas, and other cocktails available at your disposal. Rather than cutting out fun drinks entirely and limiting yourself to meal replacement bars, give these delicious and healthy alternatives a try.

Healthwise Tropical Drinks Mixes

Because Connecticut can get quite hot in the summer, you may be looking for an ice cold drink that tastes like traditional sweet and sugary beverages, but without the calories. Look no further than Healthwise tropical drink mixes. These nutritional drinks come in flavors like Wildberry Splash. Chow down on either Chocolate Coconut or Cinnamon Roll meal replacement bars to round out your snack time. 


What's the healthiest beverage available to Connecticut residence? Water, of course. Regardless of what else you drink throughout the day, be sure to consume plenty of water to keep you hydrated, kick start your metabolism, and help you conquer weight loss. Ideally, you should try to get in about eight full glasses a day. 

Health Wise Pink Lemonade Concentrate

Nothing says summer in Connecticut like a cool and refreshing glass of lemonade. Unfortunately, while you're attempting weight loss, you may not be able to splurge on this luxury. Luckily, Health Wise Pink Lemonade Concentrate is a good substitute. This low-calorie drink tastes great and lets you indulge without ruining your counts for the day. Pair it with some BBQ chips if you feel like adding in a little snack.

Iced Tea

If plain old water isn't quite quenching your thirst, another option you can try while on medical weight loss diets is tea. You can create iced tea in various flavors to assuage your cravings. Plus, tea is known to be loaded with antioxidants, which can help to lower your risk of cancer and other disease.

ProtiDiet Cool Raspberry Drink

While meal replacement bars are a great snack in between meals, they don't do a great job of satisfying your thirst. For times when you're trying to achieve weight loss but still want a tasty drink, try ProtiDiet Cool Raspberry Drink. ProtiDiet also makes a number of other delicious beverage choices that mix well with ice, sun, and a pool. These include Kiwi Melon Drink, Peach Mango Drink, Tropical Fruit Drink, and Green Tea with Cranberry.

By switching from the sugary sweetness of high-calorie beverages to these low- or no-calorie options, you'll be more able to follow any medical weight loss diet. 

If you'd like more help getting your body slim and trim for summer, contact Medical Weight Loss Solutions. Located in Wallingford, CT, and Branford, CT, we can help create a low calorie medical weight loss diets and plans, offer nutritional counseling, and even provide you with healthy meal replacement bars to try.

Category: Weight Loss Tips