Medical Weight Loss Programs in CT

There is no magical weight loss cure and no single diet that will work for everyone. At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we offer weight loss programs that are customized for every client in Connecticut. We are committed to taking the time to understand your goals and developing a program that will provide quick weight loss and providing the tools you need for lifetime success and better health.

We offer six and twelve week programs to help facilitate fast weight loss of up to 3-5 pounds each week. The program begins with a comprehensive exam with a weight loss physician to evaluate your overall health and body composition. This analysis includes information obtained from the medical exam, your own personal health history, blood pressure, blood work, and EKG.

You will learn how to lose weight from your individualized medical weight loss plan, nutrition plans, and educational materials. In addition, we may recommend FDA approved appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements, if medically appropriate. You will have the support you need during weekly consultations, which are designed to help motivate you to maintain your diet and monitor the results.

If you are looking for weight loss centers in CT, please browse our website to learn more about our medical weight loss programs. We offer a free consultation with our nutrition specialists to enable you to discuss your goals and create a custom plan for you to meet those goals. Please contact us today by telephone at (203) 269-8000 or through our website for a free consultation.