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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs in CT

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan

There is no "one size fits all" diet. Our medical weight loss and wellness solutions are built for you, as an individual, by physicians and trained weight loss specialists, to get the best results possible.* We are committed to understanding your needs and goals, and to providing the support you need.

We always start our process by listening to your story in order to learn about the habits and impulses that caused your weight gain. We also need to understand any medical issues, health concerns, or dietary restrictions.

We are here to motivate you and support you on your path to attaining your weight loss goals.* Our weight loss programs include weekly one-on-one visits with our nutrition specialists to track your weight, body composition, and overall health as you progress through your weight loss plan.

About Our Programs

  • Uniquely designed medical weight loss options for your individual needs

  • Medically supervised diet programs to ensure your health and safety*

  • Provide you with the tools for long term success*

  • Monitor and motivate

  • Facilitate rapid weight loss up to 3-5 lbs per week*

What You Can Expect

Each of our medical weight loss programs begins with a medical exam by one of our physicians. This is a comprehensive exam to record and analyze your current health state. Our physician will ask you detailed, personal questions and review your health history, blood work, blood pressure and EKG.

A medically and individually designed low calorie diet plan is only a part of our weight loss solution. Our weekly consultations help you maintain your diet by providing personalized, confidential weight loss support.* We address your concerns on an individual level, discuss any challenges you may have faced, and give you the tools and ongoing emotional support to help you personally overcome these obstacles in the future.* We also track your progress, and join in your enthusiasm as you begin to take notice your overall progress towards good health.*

Our Programs Include:

  • 6 or 12-week weight loss programs

  • Comprehensive medical exam with weight loss physician

  • Weekly consultation with our nutrition staff

  • Overall health and body composition analysis

  • Nutrition plans and educational materials

  • FDA-approved appetite suppressants (if desired and medically appropriate)

Weight loss and weight management is as much about science as it is about control. Some foods are better than others in how they respond to your body. Our hand-selected medical weight-loss products help you feel full and satisfied while providing complete nutrition.* Each program includes our full line of FDA-approved supplements and foods medically designed to help you lose weight without making you feel hungry, deprived, or irritable, so following the weight loss plan becomes much easier.*

When it comes to improving your health, there is nothing to wait for. You only have weight to lose, and better health to gain. For more information on our programs please contact Kym or one of our trained nutritional experts today.

Create Your Weight Loss Plan

Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your weight loss goals and create a plan customized for you with our nutrition specialists.