Personal Training

Private and Group Personal Training in Connecticut

Experience one-on-one or small group exercise sessions in our private on-site fitness studio, with certified expert personal trainers and weight loss specialists! We want to help give you a workout that fits with your goals and ability. Incorporating physical activity into your life will set you up for a lifetime of success in more ways than one!

Our Connecticut fitness studio was specifically designed to provide you with a confidential and comfortable environment to facilitate your best weight loss results while maintaining your health.* Our personal training sessions allow for individualized fitness designed for your specific needs, medical issues and health. We want to provide our customers with the right workout routines to meet his/her fitness goals. They include strength training, high intensity workouts, core balance, free weights and more! We can accommodate all fitness levels and you do not have to be on a customized diet plan to schedule a session.*

We encourage you to invite your close friends, siblings or children to help share the cost of private training sessions and to give your stamina a kick! Our flexible schedule is sure to provide you with the time and training you need. Everything is easier to do when you have the proper support and motivation around you.*

A Healthier You is Within Reach*

Email us today to discuss your weight loss goals and create a plan customized for you with our nutrition specialists.