Weight Loss Programs in New Haven, CT

Have you tried multiple diets and weight loss centers, but still haven’t lost the weight? Every person is unique and Medical Weight Loss Solutions offers individualized diet plans for our clients in New Haven and the surrounding communities. You will learn how to lose weight and have the ongoing support and guidance you need to reach your goal and improve your overall health and wellness.

Our customized weight loss programs consist of four phases. The first phase is an initial medical exam. You will have a medical evaluation with a weight loss physician, including a comprehensive exam, blood pressure check, blood work review, EKG, and body composition analysis. At this visit, you will be given step by step instructions of the diet plan for quick weight loss and select weight loss supplements.

The second phase is the six to twelve week diet program, which is a low calorie diet (LCD) or very low calorie diet (VLCD). In order to enjoy fast weight loss, you need support, motivation, and encouragement. At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, our clients receive the support they need through weekly consultations with our Nutritional Specialists. After the diet phase, you will move into the Transitional Phase and, finally, Maintenance to enjoy lasting results.

We have included additional information about our weight loss programs on our website. Please take a few moments to read more about our programs and customized weight loss solutions for quick weight loss. We offer free consultations for clients in New Haven and the surrounding areas. For more information and your free consultation, please contact us today at (203) 269-8000.