Weight Loss Programs in Wallingford CT

One thing that sets Medical Weight Loss Solutions apart from other weight loss centers is our individualized approach. If you have tried fast weight loss programs in the past with little success, you know that there is no program that works for everyone. We are committed to helping you take the first step toward a healthier life with a plan that is designed to help you reach your goals.

We offer programs for fast weight loss, including a low calorie diet, very low calorie diet, a Teen Fit program, and a personalized fitness program in Wallingford. A weight loss physician will evaluate your health, assess your weight loss goals, and design a program for quick weight loss that is tailored to your specific needs. You will learn how to lose weight and maintain a healthier weight for better health and wellness.

Your weight loss journey begins with an initial consultation where you will learn about how to lose weight and the weight loss protocol. You will be given a lab slip for initial tests and a medical evaluation to determine your current health and create a plan for weight loss and weight loss supplements that are best for your needs. Weekly consultations will help to keep you on track, motivate you and monitor your progress.

Additional information about Medical Weight Loss Solutions and the quick weight loss programs we offer in Wallingford can be found on our website. The first step is a free consultation to discover how to lose weight and start on the path to better heath. Please contact us through our website or by telephone at (203) 269-8000.